Dec 6 - High Falls State Park

Today it was all two lane roads. Well, some were barely two lanes... like a lane and a half... but there was a stripe down the middle and that's usually a sign you're going to have to share the road with oncoming logging trucks and other traffic.

The almost 100 mile drive today was otherwise pleasant as we meandered through rural Georgia. I wish I could report all the neat things we saw along the way... but this part of Georgia is mostly wooded and all we saw for most of the drive was trees lining both sides of the road. Don't get me wrong... even though the trees got a little repetitious, I greatly prefer them to housing developments, strip malls, and traffic.

At High Falls we signed up for three nights, found an agreeable campsite, and settled in. This park, like AH Stephens the last few nights, is mostly empty. Even though we're close to Atlanta and a whole bunch of people with campers, most folks are thinking about the upcoming holidays. Camping is a summer thing... right? Sure it is. And that's just the way we like it too.

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