Dec 9 - On the Ridge

Sometimes, there are no roads that go from here to there. That's how I felt when plotting a course to our next destination, FD Roosevelt State Park in western Georgia.

We all know about red highways and blue highways. But if you mount-up those 2.25+ readers, look real close and squint, on some maps you can see black roads and even some light gray roads. Red and blue highways... no sweat. Black roads... usually ok.  Light gray roads? I've found that fitting the bus-house on light gray roads can be a problem. They can be too narrow, too low (clearance issues), and too restricted (mostly weight restrictions). You just don't know till you try it.

Not feeling particularly sporting for our move from High Falls to FD Roosevelt State Parks today, and with a lack of red or blue highways to choose from, we picked the best black roads we could find for the 75 mile jaunt.

Briefly, we took GA-36 through Barnseville and Thomaston to Woodland GA, where we grabbed GA-41 toward Manchester. Just before Manchester we made a left on GA-190 - also called Scenic Heights Road because it follows the top of a high narrow ridge called the Pine Mountain Range. We took this road all the way to FD Roosevelt State Park, about 15 miles where the going was slow, the grades steep, and the curves tight.

We found a good campsite for three nights and prepared for exploring all the FDR locations around Warm Springs GA tomorrow.


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