Jan 1 - College Station to Johnson City

First morning of 2013... woke to the pattering of rain again. The weather service had prepared us for this but I was hoping they were wrong. You see, as long time readers will remember, we hate pulling the toad along wet grimy roads. It's like tailgating a semi truck at just 3 feet back -- the water and road grime mixture is blasted into every crevasse and crack of the car, into the engine compartment, and who knows where else. Even though it's just a little Ford Focus, it's a disrespectful thing to do to a car... not to mention the bikes that are hooked to the back of the car.

Despite all this we did leave the Lazy G RV Park south of College Station. On balance we decided the shabby little park had to be left behind, especially when we knew what was waiting for us at the end of today's drive.

As we plied west the rain eased. Little towns along TX-21 brightened, then dimmed... Caldwell, Dime Box (home of the famous Black Bridge Festival), Old Dime Box, Paige. A brisk north wind kept the driver on his toes and the navigator from falling asleep. At Bastrop we swung to the northwest and took aim at Austin. But this was New Years Day and traffic was manageable... busy but not congested. US-290 carries us west and into the Hill Country of Texas... and the last 40 or so miles to our destination.

We've been to Miller Creek RV Park before... in the Spring of 2010. And we remember it as one of the more friendly and hospitable camps along our way. If you choose to partake, most nights there's something going on... dinners of various kinds, movies, live music, and a nightly camp-wide happy hour at the "watering hole", a large firepit/fireplace/bar which is enclosed and protected from the elements, no less. 

This time of year can be mildly winter-like. For example, the next few nights are predicted to be near or below the freezing mark and high temps just in the 40's. Even heard there's the possibility of ice on Thursday. But there are also spells of warmer and sunny weather. You just take what comes and find a way to enjoy it... which is not a bad way to lead your life.

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