Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jan 16 - More on Blogs

Looks like I stirred up a minor ruckus with a couple folks out there in bloggerville with my January 2 post entitled Thoughts on the Journal... specifically my comment that "those doing what we're doing (living in a giant RV, going north in the summer, escaping south in the winter, staying at RV parks for long periods of time, etc) have universally boring blogs".  Considering how few people read this blog, it actually felt good to be the agent of some controversy for a change. And it caused a nice little bump in readership too.

But about all this I have two or three brief things to add. First, I was including myself in that comment and consider my blog to be a real bore too. Perhaps that wasn't clear enough. Second, my comment is my opinion, which, last I checked, I'm still entitled to. Just as I don't expect to agree with everything others have to say, I don't expect others to always agree with me.

And lastly... whatever happened to the free exchange of ideas that most of us in the USA used to subscribe to? Why do so many of us now read or listen only to those who don't upset our little worlds? Wouldn't it be better to seek out alternative views and opinions... to challenge ourselves... to use that wonderful reasoning ability that we have... to see that there might be another side to the story?

In a larger sense I'm struggling to keep things lively for myself, in both my writing and my reading. And perhaps if some of us become a little more concerned about the quality of our work as opposed to the volume or frequency of it, blogland might just become a tad more interesting for all of us.