Jan 21 - Hondo to Del Rio

Got going a little later this morning than planned. Besides sleeping in late, had to bid adieu to some new friends made during the past two weeks... and that usually involves a nice chat. So, it was about 11am by the time we were pulling out of the driveway and making progress westward on US90.

Having traveled this portion of  US90 many times before, we were looking for a new, untried campspot... something besides our usual stop at Seminole Canyon SP a few miles west of Del Rio Texas. Scratching that itch has us camped tonight near the shore of Lake Amistad, a dammed up portion of the Rio Grande River just north of Del Rio. We'll continue the journey tomorrow.

Besides not being able to see the lake from our site (the lake is more than 40 feet below the full mark and dropping at the rate of a foot every 3 days), we have very slow internet which will hamper my ability to post anything more here than this brief update from our Android tablet. But it's just for one night and it's good to push the envelope once in a while.

We're thinking of going into Big Bend NP from here, and cell phone/internet service could be spotty once again. If anyone's trying to reach us just leave a voice message on our phone and we'll pick it up when we can.

From the San Pedro CG on Lake Amistad...
Thom and Dar.