Feb 20 - In Casa Grande Arizona

Yesterday we moved from Tucson to Casa Grande... a big driving day of only 78 miles. Because the wind was predicted to really pick up in the afternoon, we did our best to get moving early. We were rolling by 8:30am.

The short drive up I-10 took us up the western side of Tucson and northward toward Phoenix. At Casa Grande, I-8 breaks off I-10 and heads toward Yuma and eventually San Diego. We took I-8 a few miles west of the junction where we took a local road to the SKP RoVers Roost Coop Park. This small park is busy this time of the year and since a few other folks were waiting for full hookup sites we found a perfectly acceptable spot in "boondocking"... a dozen or so spots without any hookups. The good news is that boondocking is only $5 per day. If the days are sunny we can make most of the power we need with our solar panels... by simply making a few adjustments to our energy usage footprint. Since we may only be here until Saturday we're not sure if we'll even take a full hookup site if one becomes available.

After getting set up, we found friends Lynne and Fred, and Julianne and Jimmy. Most of the rest of the day was spent with these folks... getting caught up and telling tall tails that I won't repeat here... to protect the innocent.

Today, Wednesday, we have a rare rainy, cloudy day in southern Arizona. A big storm... the biggest of this winter season so far... is causing all kinds of havoc in the higher elevations to the north, and is predicted to move further east in the next few days intent on continuing it's ill-tempered ways. Doesn't look like we'll make much solar power today.


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