Mar 9 - No-Change Time Change

Rainy spell is over. Wind has calmed. Sun is re-emerging. Temps aren't too bad for this time of the year... low of 48 last night... high in the 60s today. Our last day at "The Quartz" is turning into a nice day.

The main project today is preparing for moving tomorrow.  Depending on how things go early, it might be a longer day than we've gotten used to lately.  Could be over 300 miles. So I'm pushing for an early start.

Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow... officially at 2am I believe. But we're in a unique situation for this one because we won't have to change any clocks. Why? Well, this gets a little confusing so try to stay with me. Arizona doesn't observe Daylight Time, so it'll be the same time here tomorrow as it is today (relative to the sun). And on any other day we'd be gaining an hour (clock turned back) by crossing the border with California and moving into the Pacific Time Zone. But not tomorrow. You see, people in the Pacific Time Zone will be moving their clocks ahead tomorrow which puts them on the same time Arizona will be for the summer... the same time we're on here today. And that means that instead of gaining an hour like we normally would by crossing into California, those west coast folks have helped us out by turning their clocks forward... to the time we're already on. I know...  a little confusing. Let me just summarize it by saying we'll be among a small group that won't have to do anything with our clocks... and those clocks will be correct... at least for a while.

Oh, I heard on the radio this morning that we shouldn't forget to put new batteries in our battery powered devices... or something like that.

Next stop... that land of high taxes, high gas prices, and cheap booze.  California here we come.

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