May 2 - Good-bye Northwest... Heading East

We never tire of the drive through the Gorge
After 6 weeks in the great Pacific Northwest we bid adieu to family and pointed the bus-house nose eastward as we now set our sites on Wisconsin and the Midwest.  We're not going to set any records or race to get there, but we are going to move with a little more alacrity than normal. In fact, I'd go so far as to say this time we're thinking more about the destination than the journey. We're going to be on Interstate highways more than normal;  will drive between 200 and 300 miles each travel day;  and there'll be fewer play and explore days than we usually do. Instead of the previously planned 30 days we may make the trip in something like 20 or 25. Hard to explain, but we've got a few things going on that make us feel like we need to be back sooner than June 1, our up-to-now planned arrival time. During the next couple weeks I'll get into a few of those reasons.

When we set off this morning (about 10:30am local time) I had an easy 165 mile day planned. But it turned into a great day for travel, things were running smoothly, traffic was light and manageable, and we would have arrived at our original destination about 1:30pm... much earlier than felt right.  So the decision was made to continue on. When, a couple hours later, we finally decided to throw out the anchor just outside La Grande Oregon we had covered 272 miles.

We're at Eagles Hot Lake RV Park, where we've stayed a couple different times in the past. Those past visits were for a few days each and we did some extensive exploring of the area. This time we're here for just this one night and will continue on tomorrow... probably chewing off another 200 plus miles before stopping somewhere between Boise and Pocotello Idaho.

Traveling conditions were positively ideal today. At times localized mountain winds played with the bus-house but nothing we haven't handled many times before.  Full sun skies and warm temps made for easy driving most of the time.

We, Dar and I, had some good conversation during the day today and I think we've made some real progress on plans for Sabbatical II.  But more on that at another time.

Horsing around with the Grandkids.


Sure glad to have you posting again. Hearing about the gkids would have been good too. LaGrande is the birthplace of my trailer. Loved Boise and Pocotello. Have fun.
I guess those grandkids wore you out! ;c)
Thom Hoch said…
Thanks Barney, but I really needed the break from bloggerville.

Paul and Marti... I know you know how true your statement is. Yep... we're whooped.

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