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Facebook is Loosing Me

My first attempt at a post on my thoughts about Facebook has been discarded... wadded up and chucked in the virtual waste basket. It really wasn't very "friend"ly... actually came off rather mean-spirited. I'm not sure why. It's difficult to be critical of something that so many of my "friends" and relatives use... and, apparently, think highly of... without coming across as being critical of those using it. I don't want to do that... and I certainly don't want to come across as seeming to tell others what to do. Let me just say this: I check in on my "friends" on Facebook to see what they're doing, where they are, why they are where they are, and to, maybe, see what they have to say, what they're thinking about, and how they feel. That's the reason I signed up for FB in the first place. I love reading about my Grand-kids, the family and extended family, seeing photos of them all... following the travels of nomadic fri

Found Alive, Author Vows to Return to Old Ways

To all those folks who tenaciously check this blog every day (something like a hundred a day)... even though there's been NO activity or posts for a month and a half... take heart, the author has been found, alive, and is currently in rehab, where a team of professionals is working every day to help him regain the ability to think clearly, to write, and to get back his passion and excitement for blogging. With a little luck, he should be back to his old ways in the next few days. There's so much to write about. One of the first topics will be Facebook. What's happened to Facebook recently that, at least as far as I'm concerned, is making me think seriously about leaving?