Jul 17, 2013

Facebook is Loosing Me

My first attempt at a post on my thoughts about Facebook has been discarded... wadded up and chucked in the virtual waste basket. It really wasn't very "friend"ly... actually came off rather mean-spirited. I'm not sure why. It's difficult to be critical of something that so many of my "friends" and relatives use... and, apparently, think highly of... without coming across as being critical of those using it. I don't want to do that... and I certainly don't want to come across as seeming to tell others what to do.

Let me just say this: I check in on my "friends" on Facebook to see what they're doing, where they are, why they are where they are, and to, maybe, see what they have to say, what they're thinking about, and how they feel. That's the reason I signed up for FB in the first place. I love reading about my Grand-kids, the family and extended family, seeing photos of them all... following the travels of nomadic friends... getting into their minds for just a few seconds. Quick efficient updates.

But, increasingly, it seems to me, my screen is filled with posters, signs, or e-chain letters (click "like" if you love Jesus, hate Obama, or think the world will end this year) written by someone unknown, that contain a message a "friend" wants to share with me. Often that message contains a political or religious agenda... an agenda I may not appreciate or agree with. Even if I am in sync with the message, I don't like having to wade through all this clutter to find out how my kids or grand-kids are doing. This evolution of FB might be fine for some, but it's not for me.

Call me old-fashioned, but I'd much rather hear from YOU... about YOU.

I think that's all I'll say about Facebook today.

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