Feb 12 - Back Home in Portland

Got into Portland last night (the 11th) about 6pm. Had a great day for traveling... the best of the four "moving" days since leaving Wisconsin. The weather gods rewarded us with a calm day; flaccid flags all day long. Of course that, as well as the fact we're now going downhill, really boosted the mpg numbers. I'll do a separate post on our impressions of the truck and camper after this 2200 mile drive.

We did drive into a slow steady rain as we neared Portland but, hey, it's Portland... and it's winter. It's the kind of dreariness that we've grown to love. Discussed dinner and worked ourselves up a hankering for Chinese. Found a little joint not far from where the bus-house is parked and took care of that issue.

Got to the bus-house and unloaded the essentials; the rest will wait until morning. We were gone for nearly a month and the "old girl" survived all the nasty Portland weather (snow, ice, wind, etc) just fine. Added a little heat, ran some water, poured a couple fingers of fine aged Scotch to mourn and to celebrate. Took a deep breath. It's been a hell of a month.

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