May 10 - Bring on the Rain

Life marches on here at Timber Valley in Sutherlin OR. This past weeks weather could be described as pretty much "normal Oregon"... a little of just about everything -- rain, drizzle, sun, fog, warm air, cool air... and all of it almost daily. If careful attention is paid to the sky, a cabin-fevered RVer might find a sun hole large enough to get out a bag-chair and soak up a few minutes of sunshine while soaking up half a bottle of IPA... but, then again, the sun hole probably won't last long enough for even that. Ah, Oregon.

A semi-rare sunny Spring day in Oregon

In any event, I'm not going to bitch. Once firmly entrenched in the PNW lifestyle a person is acutely aware of the correlation between precipitation and the lush green environment. Rain is a necessary ingredient for there to be flowing streams and vibrant plant growth. We'll take all we can get. And besides, isn't this far better than the minus 30 degree wind chills we experienced during our January foray back to Wisconsin? Let it rain.

Unfortunately, with a much less than normal snow pack from this past winter, and even with recent rains factored in, the stage could be set for a big wildfire summer. More wait and see.

Shifting gears: on our progress toward a home base... we're slowly moving up on the waiting list here at Timber Valley and have our fingers crossed that we'll hit the jackpot in the next month or so. Snagging a membership before we head back to the Midwest for the summer would greatly simplify things for us. It's going to be close so we'll just wait and see how things flow.

There's also a good possibility that our Northstar truck camper will have a new owner before my next blog update a week from now. And we think we'll have some news about the new camper by that time too. Stay tuned kids, for more developments on Sabbatical II.

Just saw the weather forecast for next week. Oregonians have a learned distrust of any weather forecast, but if this one is close to accurate, it's going to be a very nice week.


Slightly Better than Most