May 24 - Puzzle Almost Completed

This week, the last two big Sabbatical II puzzle pieces fell into place. Who says clean living, wholesome foods, and a good attitude don't pay off? Actually, most of May has been a good month for us.

On Wednesday we officially became members of Timber Valley Escapee Co-op Park and now have our permanent lot, which will be our west coast home base and is where the bus-house will be based for the foreseeable future. We've been making an effort to get engaged with this small friendly community and are finding it very much to our liking. Our plan is to continue traveling and exploring about half the time and be in residence either here or back in Wisconsin the rest of the time. If that pattern continues to be agreeable, and if we like traveling and exploring in the small truck camper, we will probably replace the motorhome with a non-motorized trailer or fifth-wheel at some point. It just ain't right for a motorhome to sit. Trailers are for sitting. Motorhomes are for travel.

Then (and this is the big news of the week), earlier today... just a few hours ago, our third grandchild was brought into the world by Kaytlyn and JT, our Daughter-in-Law and Son up in the Seattle area. It was a long process (good things just take time) but we're happy to report that all involved are in good shape, albeit tired, and poised for a promising future. Since this is news hot off the wire, I'll have more to say, and a few pictures, with next weeks update a week from now. I can't overstate how happy we are about our new little grand-daughter.

We're at Andrea and Gage's place in the Portland area to spend some time with them and our two grandsons during the long holiday weekend. I suspect we'll be changing our plans for early next week and running up to Seattle for a few days to see the newborn.

And all these turns of events put us in good shape to begin our trek back to the Midwest sometime around the middle of June.


Erin said…
Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter ... and your permanent lot, as well.

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