Dec 6 - Began Trip South for Winter

While many RVers have already been at their southwest snow-bird destinations for weeks, maybe even months, we just can’t seem to get the hang of this “get there early” routine. I’m a born and dyed in the wool procrastinator… and a card carrying member of the International Institute of Not Doing Much (IINDM).  I try to always find the upside of not doing something. And in this case, not leaving in September or October like those many others, netted us some true high quality time with family and friends one side or the other of the 45th parallel.

But this morning’s predawn bright moon motivated me to kick my last few preparation tasks into high gear, and get ‘em done. Even a balky motorhome stabilizer couldn’t alter the momentum; we were on our way by 9am. This trip is planned to be a quick one… the primary goal is to get the bushouse relocated to Arizona for the winter months. For the first time, we’re taking two rigs with us: the bushouse to “live” in and the truck/camper to explore with. A side benefit, and one of the reasons we planned it this way, is it gets the bushouse out on the road in a serious way… the first long distance run in over a year. I mean, there’s diesel fuel in the tank that’s over a year old, which really should be used soon or ? could it go bad??

But despite all our abuse by lack of use, the good old bushouse ran like a trooper today. Climbing hills like one of TR’s rough riders, it felt the same as when it was new… almost 8 years ago. It’s an amazing machine and one I’ll be sorry to part with (whenever that time comes).

We took I-5 south into California, swung around the south side of Mt. Shasta on CA-89, to CA-44 near Lassen NP, to CA-36 into Susanville. Found an out-of-the-way spot at the local Walmart and settled in for a quick overnight. Tomorrow’s plan is for only 220 miles… about a hundred fewer than today.

It feels great to be back on the road.  Here are a few photos from our day.

I-5 and Mt. Shasta

Yes Folks... that's snow.

On the brakes while dropping into Susanville. 


Hitchitch said…
We took I-5 all the way down past Shasta as we have never done that before. Coming off the OR coast as the weather was closing heading on our way to Laughlin, NV. OMG will NEVER do that again. Traffic and trucks up and down and we needed to keep momentum so had to change lanes back and forth with the trucks who didn't want to stay in their lanes. That drive was hell on wheels. Next time down through NV like we had done many times before. But going that way so boring, but trust me next time it will be a joy.
Thom Hoch said…
Hitch; we're getting too old to tolerate the manic traffic of I-5 in CA. Give me... us... "high desert boring" any day of the week.

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