Dec 8, 2014

Dec 8 - Sunny Skies and Buzz Strips

Looking back, and then ahead, at the weather situation, it appears the weather gods have smiled on us again. Last weeks news was the large rain/snow/wind event that hit almost all of California before spreading eastward. About everyone knows how much those poor souls in that forsaken state need rain, but when they get it, the hills which were laid bare by the massive fires of this past summer, start sliding away. My god... drought, fire, rain, slides... what have they done to deserve all this?

Well anyway, once that storm passed we took off from Sutherlin. And the "going" has been pretty good. But now we're hearing about the second big storm setting it's sites on the Golden State... one that's supposed to hit them Thursday or Friday. We waddled our way through between storms... almost perfectly timed. By accident, let me assure you.

Tonight we're at the Escapees Coop Park in Pahrump NV after a very agreeable drive from Hawthorne, a distance of about 280 miles.

If I reach way down to the lower reaches of my grumble bag, the only negative I can come up with from the day are Nevada's highway buzz strips -- those noise making strips down the middle and sides of the highway. Admittedly a good idea in most applications, but Nevada gets them so close that there's very little room for driftage, windage, or momentary error. From experience I can tell you that at least some motorhome driver's nerves are frayed after a couple hundred miles of periodic electric-shock-like buzzes from simply drifting a few inches too far to the right, over and over again. OK, I'm done grumbling.

Enjoyed the day immensely. Tomorrow we should be at our destination in Arizona.

Notice the "buzz strips" center and right.

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