As our Journey Begins... How to Follow Us.

Enough with this "preparation" stuff. I want to get on the road.

Tomorrow, Friday the 8th, is the day. We're going to wake up in a mostly-mothballed bushouse like anxious firemen ready for action, jump into carefully laid out clothes, grab the truck keys, and get out on the road. An early departure, right?

After many days of getting everything ready, we're finally going to be off on our big summer adventure. Some of you may know that we're going to drive the Alaska Highway (nee Alcan) all the way to Alaska. Since this is our first time in the 49th and (pay attention Texans...)  by far the largest state, we're planning this trip as a "survey course", an introduction to guide our plans for future follow-up visits. Are we excited?

But our trip is going to seem a little unconventional to some. Being in the Northwest, we're naturally positioned for the Alaska run. But alas, that would be too easy. Too "normal". We've decided to go to Wisconsin first.

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