Jun 17, 2015

55 Degrees North

Tuesday June 16
Yesterday we passed 55 degrees north. Never been this far north. There'll be a lot of "furthest north" milestones on this trip, almost daily for a while.

Yesterday's drive started in Jasper. Jasper is a neat little town of about 12,000, certainly displays that there's some money somewhere up here. Wanted to tank up before heading north but the gas station I found was so busy there was a waiting line out into the road. None of that for me if I can avoid it. The next town is Hinton, a couple miles beyond our turn north, and we fueled up there. Got a few groceries as well.

Northward, it was rivers, hills, and trees... an almost solid expanse of trees, the majority coniferous. It was an uneventful drive with plenty of scenery to gawk at. We stopped in Grande Cache for lunch and then drove on to Grande Prairie, where we found an agreeable campsite at the Saskatoon Provincial Park for the night.

Today, Wednesday, was a relatively short drive to Dawson Creek, only 76 miles or so. We found a site at the Northern Lights RV Park in order to rest for a day or so, stop at the Alaska Highway visitors center, take a few photos at the official starting point on the Highway... and to provision up a little for the trip.

Remember to visit our online photo album for more pics from these days. [June 15th]  [June 16}

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