Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fast Friends

We left the farm in Wisconsin on Sunday. But before we get into travel-mode completely it was important to stop and spend time with some good friends in Minnesota. Traveling and exploring are important to us, but maintaining relationships with friends is perhaps the most important thing one can do for a rich and satisfying life.  As a matter of fact, most of our last week in Wisconsin was spent bidding adieu to family and friends too.

Today we started moving in earnest toward our objectives... Alaska, the Yukon, the Arctic Circle, and the highway that binds them... the Alaska Highway. With a somewhat late start this morning from the Twin Cities, we managed to knock off a bit less than 400 miles. Tonight we're in Michigan.  No, not that Michigan.  Michigan, North Dakota. For a small town it has one very nice city park that includes campsites for wanderers like us. Very inexpensive... just a donation, it's a great place to get a little work done as well as a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow we should be in eastern Montana.

We've been preparing for the border crossing into Canada and today realized we have more wine and beer on board than we'll be able to consume before the crossing. For the uninitiated, Canada has strict limits on how much of this sort of thing one can bring across. Not sure how we'll deal with that yet, so stay tuned. If you're along our path somewhere, let us know. We may be able to leave a little gift for you.