North Across the Border

Tonight's campsite in Black Diamond AB
Thursday night we camped along the banks of the Marias River just south of Chester MT. In 1806, along this very river, Meriwether Lewis and a band of his men came through here exploring the geography north of the Missouri River. I'd like to think they might have walked right through our campsite.

Either they did or they didn't. In either case, we greatly enjoyed our quiet agreeable site next to the river. Thinking about history like this, for me, is a little like buying a lottery ticket. At least I get a few minutes of pleasure from imagining improbable turns of events... be they true or false, in the past or in the future.

Friday, we drove into Shelby and then north on I-15 to the Canadian border at Sweetgrass. The crossing couldn't have gone much better. After about a 30 minute wait in line, we talked with an agent for, really, no more than 3 minutes. No humor, no stunts, no trying to get away with anything... just answered questions honestly and we were through. They weren't concerned that we may have had a little more wine than we should have. I should point out that we don't have a gun on this trip, so that was a non-issue. We do have a couple cans of bear-spray but they didn't care to see them.

From the border it was a quick jaunt to Lethbridge where we stopped for a visit with friends Fred and Lynne. We even camped for the night next to their home. We had an enjoyable time with these two and, predictably, the hospitality was the best.

Today we moved closer to the Canadian Rockies. With the goal of holding back a little to let the weekend crowds around Banff dissipate somewhat, we took a side trip to the Frank Slide (Canada's most deadly landslide) and the Leitch Collieries (ruins of one of many coal mining operations in this area during the early 1900s). Rather than re-write already well written articles on each, I'll let you check them out if you're so inclined.

And tonight we're in Black Diamond AB at the municipal campground where we have an electric site to help stave off somewhat chillier temps than we anticipated.  Could get into the upper 30s, but certainly the low 40's. As I write this there's a light rain falling. The past two days have been similar in that a sunny morning gives way to clouds and rain in the afternoon. I'm ok with that... allows me to get some work done.

Some pics from the last few days:

in line at the border

dang big RR trestle in Lethbridge AB

It's not Alaska... but we're on our way.

someone in Alberta has a cap or hat on top of every fence post,
for at least a mile or so. 

a selfie... or is it an "ussie"?