Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Pretty darned pleased with
her new wheels.
Tuesday, Sept 15
We're up in the Seattle area at this writing for a couple weeks soaking up family time with our son, daughter-in-law, and our little grand-daughter. They have a gap in child daycare arrangements and we're excited by the opportunity to spend time with them all, and to really get to know the delightful little sprout.

Sandwiched between our Alaska/Yukon trip and this Seattle gig, we had about a week and a half back at our home-base in Oregon. I anticipated needing to wash the motorhome and car in addition to the truck and camper upon our return, but the elements were kind to the mothballed machinery and we only focused on the truck and camper for now. Camper was detached from the truck and both were scrubbed down. I'm a fan of waterless carwash products, but this job necessitated an old fashioned soap and water and lots of suds washing that would have made my Dad proud. The waterless cleaner was step two. The resulting squeaky clean duo were then re-assembled and made ready for our next outing, sometime in October, weather permitting.

Most of the first couple days back at the bushouse kept us busy getting it ready to live in again. Some may not know what's involved with properly preparing an RV for long term storage, but it's an involved list. Upon your return, the whole process must be reversed. With a motorhome, we feel it's important to fire it up and take it for a drive, something we do on a regular basis anyway. Motorhomes need to be driven. Nothing good happens to one that sits. And simply starting the engine and running it for a few minutes doesn't count. At a minimum, we take it for a 30 or 40 mile drive... which hopefully involves running the engine hard at times... 100%. With all the hills in this part of the country, it isn't tough to find places to really get the engine warm. That was the last thing we did when we parked it when we left in the Spring, and the first thing we did when we got back. Now that we're largely convinced of the benefits of small-rig travel we're talking about getting a fifth-wheel to park on our lot semi-permanently, and will sell the motorhome. Things change, life evolves, possibilities expand, and the world turns.

I haven't yet completed a recap of our trip to Alaska and the Yukon, as well as some thoughts and observations about the trip... but will have it up on the blog in the next couple weeks or so.