Lost a week in 30 minutes

Couldn't sleep so I got up to do a post or two to the Sabbatical blog. It's 2:30am. Do you know where your children are?

Monday our visitors from Vancouver were safely home and getting their lives back to normal. And as we settled back into our morning routine, I put some new pictures in our online photo albums and updated the "What's New" section of the tdhoch.com homepage. One of the points I made was that we were 4 weeks from the closing on our house. About a half hour later I mentioned this to Dar and she promptly corrected my calculation -- no, we're 3 weeks from closing, not 4! The procrastinator in me felt a wave of panic. Wait a minute, it's the 4th of June and we close on the 25th of June... 4 from 25 is, is 21! Nuts. I got a calendar out and counted the weeks hoping the space/time continuum had somehow warped and 21 days is really 4 weeks. That didn't work either. The tasks that need to be done by closing suddenly loomed much larger, for 4 weeks is really a month and a month is a much larger period of time than 3 weeks, which is just... well, 3 weeks. I'd been robbed of my month of leisurely preparation time and now face 3 weeks (which is really just a little more than a half month) of anxiety, panic, and terror. There's no way it can all be done in 3 weeks when, somehow, I had it all planned to be done in 4. The piles of boxes and drawers full of stuff, well, they were now bigger and there were more of them.

So, since Monday, needless to say, we've been busy. Dar's wrapping up her last weeks at work and putting in a lot of hours. The perfectionist in her is making sure what she leaves behind is respectable and as complete as possible. I, on the other hand, am going through those drawers and boxes and making quick decisions on what's going with us, what's going to charity, what's getting tossed, and what's going in the "bonus boxes" that will be awarded to those lucky buyers of our stuff. (If I did smiley faces, I'd put one here.)

We're fortunate that we have a number of family members that need or want things at the same time that we're looking for homes for this stuff. As things stand now, almost all the larger pieces are spoken-for. There's going to be a steady stream of U-Hauls in front of the house during the next couple weeks.

Alright, back to bed. I have a full day planned for Thursday and need the sleep.



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