Jun 16, 2007

Sadness as we finish this chapter

All along this process, on an intellectual level, I knew this chapter of our lives was going to close. But not until I had trouble finding a place to sit and nowhere to sleep did it hit me viscerally. And then came the emotions, the memories, and the inevitable longing for my comfort zone. In fact, I think I'm actually mourning the death of that comfort zone. Consistency, stability, and routine all characterize that place -- and we're ripping it apart to embark on a crazy adventure. We're now a little more than a week from close. Our home is rapidly becoming just a house. Allow me a little melancholy for a while. It will pass as the next chapter begins.


Beyond Branson; Pondering Future Travel

This past Tuesday, we moved from Branson to a very nice Corps of Engineer’s Park on Wappapello Lake.  We’re in the Redman Creek CG. This fac...