Mackinaw City

Wednesday, August 1, 2007 -- Mackinaw City, MI

A short post is about all I'm up to tonight. It was a tougher than expected drive today with the heat, a lot of traffic, stupid drivers, and rough roads. After setting up here at Mill Creek Campground near Mackinaw City, we headed into town for a few groceries and a place to cool off with a beer. Finding a friendly little place near the ferry docks, we stayed for dinner too, and enjoyed kibitzing with Dave our waitperson. Since we're only here two nights, we're thinking of taking one of those ferries over to Mackinac Island tomorrow, with our bikes, to explore a place neither of us have seen. Now, as long as the weather cooperates...

The toad seemed to do ok today, but I'm keeping a close eye on it since 4-wheel-down towing can cause problems. Keeping fingers crossed on this one.

We really enjoyed staying at Sleepy Bear the extra two nights. It was close to the camping I remember as a kid, with big trees all around, cool breezes, nightly campfires, and the quiet of the forest. But we're at the other end of the scale here at Mill Creek, where we're enjoying the warm weather packed into one of 600 (yes, 600!) small, nearly treeless sites with a couple thousand of our close friends. While this may be a slight exaggeration (there are a few sickly-looking trees in some areas of the park), we're really learning what we like and what to ask for when making plans.

Sleep well readers! I'm heading for the sack.


Gage Hymas said…
I hear you on the over camped campsites. Keep moving west, there are tons of campsites with big trees. Plus Ryan's here ya know :) (opps I used a emoticon on your site). Anyway sounds like you need to load her up and move her out as mill creek sounds like a dud. Hopefully the ferry ride and bike will be better than the camping conditions.
Pat Lovett said…
How do you keep Dar smiling all the time in those pictures? This is the 2nd time this week I've seen the word "emoticon", it was in Sunday's NY Times crossword. Never saw it before. Were you giving those stupid drivers the Bronx 1-finger salute? Keep the updates coming.

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