Easy Tuesday

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 -- Casa Grande, AZ
The Gypsy Gathering Rally

A rather quiet day today. I attended a seminar on solar power, which included a lot of good discussion about electric power in general... batteries, generators, and ways to lower energy consumption overall. Dar found time to run into town for a little shopping after she attended seminars on personal safety and another about keeping the camper's exterior clean without water -- something of value since a lot of RV parks restrict the use of water for washing RVs.

The weather continues to be warm and I think today was the fourth consecutive day in the 70's. A cool-down is coming in the next day or two before it warms back up again. I don't like to talk about the weather here, considering so many people we know are enduring the worst winter in recorded history back in the Midwest. But I've really come to enjoy the cool, crisp mornings followed by warm, dry afternoons -- all under a bright sun all day long. There's something about it that feels right.

We have two more days at the rally. Tomorrow we've got to start thinking a little about what we're doing Friday or Saturday, after we get kicked out of the Pinal County Fairgrounds. Or, if we don't get around to it, may it'll wait until the next day.

That's it for today.



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