Feb 13, 2008

Rally Almost History

Thursday, February 14, 2008 -- Casa Grande, AZ.

Since the big holiday of Valentines Day is upon us, I suppose it'd be a good idea if I went out and got my sweetie something. But checking my list of immediate needs and wants (new sewer hose, temperature probe, a second fire extinguisher) I don't find anything that seems to feel right... that will hit the "sweet-spot" and put a smile on her face. If the gift's not right, bad things can happen. Ever hear of the Valentine's Day Massacre?

The rally is almost a "wrap". Only one day to go. One of the many people we've met here, Mike Fousie, is a professional photographer with a neat 360 degree camera. He took a photo of the rally that'll make you feel like you're here with us. Check it out at his website... www.lightcurve.com/ ... and go to his February 12th entry. Click on the photo and you'll be amazed.


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