He's An Old Hippie...

Thursday, February 28, 2008 -- Pomona, CA Fairplex
The FMCA International Convention


FMCA is a large organization with enough people attending these rallies so they can sign some fairly big name entertainment. Last night we saw Peter Noone and the current version of Herman's Hermits. Tonight we were treated to The Bellamy Brothers. The shows are held at the grandstand of the horse racing track here at the Fairplex.

The Peter Noone show last night surprised me. I had low expectations but he put on a heck of a show. The music was good but his rapport with the audience and his self-deprecating humor and gags made it a fun time.

I had higher expectations from the Bellamy Brothers tonight and they came through with more than an hour of some of their biggest hits. The first song of the night was my theme song, "Old Hippie", and I was hooked. The cooler than normal evening did drive some not-so-hearty individuals back home early, but most of us stuck it out till the end.

Tonight's our last night in Pomona -- at least for this trip. Both Dar and I found the rally productive and worthwhile. We feel, in some way, more a part of this collective bunch of people who choose to lead this less-than-normal lifestyle. Through some seminars and talking with manufacturers and their service people I have a much better understanding of the care and feeding of the many systems these complicated campers have -- the stuff that keeps us warm, dry, nourished, and moving.

Tomorrow we're hoping to sleep in and let the morning unfold naturally. Because most RVers have a gene that creates a need to be first -- the first to arrive at an event, the first to leave the event, the first to the restaurant for dinner, the first to bed at night, etc, because of all this I'm sure the gates will be plugged with campers trying to leave the fairplex grounds by 6am tomorrow morning. I'm predicting that by 9am, most everyone will have left and we'll have clear sailing. And without all the hassle.

After we leave the fairgrounds we're going to be on a beeline out of the LA Megaplex on I-5 northbound. It can't be too soon for me.

Till tomorrow...



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