Rally News

Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2008 -- Pomona, CA
At the FMCA Rally

This morning started early as Dar headed off to an exercise class she though she'd try and I headed off to the association's free coffee and donut seminar. I've always heard that life is a balance, so I think I have a responsibility to take on whatever weight she looses.

The weather in Pomona has been spectacular -- even by Southern California standards. I talked with a native Californian today who said she's never seen the nearby San Gabriel Mountains so green. They're normally dry and brown and ready to catch on fire. A little rain, added at the right time, can turn a desert, or a dry hillside, into a garden of new life and color. The added treat is that they're snow-capped right now and there's been no smog. Seeing the mountains near LA at all is a cause for celebration, but seeing them green and in full bloom is almost reason to turn the kids out of school and dance in the streets. And we were there.

I attended a few seminars today and then Dar and I walked the indoor vendor show floor. There are almost 500 vendors hawking their wares at this show -- from the big ones like Cummins and Caterpillar to the smallest like the woman who came up with a solution to bedspreads falling off the bed and onto the floor overnight. I'm convinced RVer's are a lot like golfers -- we think the next gadget or piece of equipment we buy is going to solve all our problems. Given the right conditions, either RVer's or golfers will buy anything.

There's a concert scheduled, starting tonight, for the next three nights. Tonight's entertainment was two groups -- one a band that does disco-era hits, the other a band that copies Abba, the famous group from the 70's. It was enjoyable, but quite a few people got up and left before the end of the concert. It clearly wasn't their kind of music. They probably would have enjoyed a good country/western group or, perhaps, a 50's era big band. I'm sure the association is trying to attract new members, but they should keep the likes of their core members in mind too.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we've got a full schedule of seminars we want to attend. Dar's day will begin again with exercise and mine, like today, will start with coffee and donuts.

Adieu, until tomorrow...



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