Mar 1, 2008

Into Northern California

Saturday, March 1, 2008 -- Dunnigan, CA

Today's drive, a little less than 200 miles, was shorter than yesterday's 300 miler. We're in no rush so why not slow down a little and enjoy where we happen to be. One of the big reasons we're doing this at all is to see and experience the USA. And now we've got another reason to slow down... fuel prices.

There's not an overabundance of RV parks in the Sacramento/Davis part of California. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it has to do with land-use regulations, costs, demand?.. whatever the reason it's not easy to find the type of place we like. Since we've been dry-camping the last couple weeks we were looking for full hookups for a few days -- you really need them to do laundry. The last time we had full hookups was Feb. 9th. We've gotten pretty good at living "off the grid". After looking at what the Yolo County Fairgrounds had to offer (they have a year-round RV Park), we decided to go a little further north and try a place called Happy Time RV Park. This park is marginal at best but it was level and we could rest our weary bones for the night. Tomorrow, we'll move a little further up the road to another park a little more in sync with our taste.


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