Mar 3, 2008

Sunset, Sunrise

Monday, March 03, 2008 -- Dunnigan, CA

Saturday I wrote about the RV park we were going to stay in that night, and that we weren't real happy with it. We later found one that was more suited to us so Sunday we moved about 5 miles to the new place. I think this was the shortest move we've ever done. The ease of moving from place to place is one of the real advantages of this lifestyle... if you don't like the neighborhood, just move.

Sunday we met up with a buddy of mine, and his wife, from my previous working life. Like me, he had decided that he was going to take his life in a different direction while he still could and he's now physically and mentally stronger -- mostly by eliminating the stress in his life. He's expanded on his life-long interest in expressing himself creatively by making works of art from metal and glass. He's broken through entry-barriers and is now a sought-after artist at some large art shows and some notable galleries are calling him. It's a real success story that reinforces the notion that you can break the mold and find new and more interesting things to do that may well be more rewarding and valuable. And that it's never too late to do it.

Today, Monday, was a true day of solitude. There were a number of chores we both had to get done, but there was also a lot of time for quiet reflection. Dar researched information for our next week or so and I wrote some and organized the clutter around me. The day was sunny and calm, temps in the mid-60's. This is a small park with only about 50 sites and only a handful of them are occupied. The birds are chattering, there's that distant drone of I-5 in the distance, it's enough to make me take a nap -- if I was the napping sort. Yes, days like this are valuable once in a while.

An early alarm tomorrow will get us going on our tour of Napa Valley. Dar's got more wineries mapped out than we'll have time, and we want to spend some time experiencing the town of Napa. The weather, in true California tradition, will favor our plans. With some luck we'll find a new addition to our long list of favorite wines.


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