Mar 5, 2008

Northern California Mountains

Wednesday, March 5, 2008 -- Yreka, CA

Despite a strong headwind we decided to get as far north in California today as we could today. The weather is predicted to turn wetter and colder during the weekend and longer-range predictions aren't reliable at all. So getting over the Siskiyou Pass before Friday became the objective. Today, Wednesday, we made it as far as Yreka, CA., just 25 miles south of the Oregon border and about 30 miles south of the pass. Once again we used WalMart as the perfect "park and sleep" place.

The mountains of Northern California as simply spectacular. Not all are quite as picturesque as Mt. Shasta in the photo below, but the dramatic steepness of the terrain and the deep valleys, combined with dozens of snow-capped peaks make for some of the best driving scenery I've seen in years. Of course, the clear blue skies certainly didn't hurt.

I'll just let this picture say the rest.


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