The Target

Friday, March 7, 2008 -- Sutherlin, OR

It's been a quiet couple days here at Timber Valley Escapee's Park. We didn't do much so this'll be a short entry.

Dar swore she saw a Target store in Roseburg as we drove through with the bus on Thursday. But by the time we got there Friday, the very next day, the store had vanished. It was gone. Even the local's memory of the store was gone. At least two people we asked said there is no Target store in Roseburg and there never has been. But Dar saw it... strange.

Rain fell most of the day Friday, a typical Northwest light rain and drizzle. It was a good day to hunker down and do indoor projects.

I've been working with a company in the Eugene area to have a couple solar panels installed on the camper. Ideally, if they could have done the work on Monday or Tuesday of next week, Dar was going to drive the toad up to Vancouver Saturday (so she could attend a baby shower) and I would have driven up with the bus when the work was done. But that plan didn't work out because the shop was too busy. We're still going to have the panels installed but now it'll be in April.

With that arranged, we're leaving here tomorrow, Saturday, and making the short drive to Vancouver. We're like magnets... the closer we get to Vancouver the stronger the pull. Nothing can keep us away any longer.



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