Dodging Rain on Moving Day

Thursday, September 4, 2008 -- leaving Camp Soldner

I think I've written about this before. But any time we're parked for more than a week or so I have mixed emotions about leaving. On the one hand, traveling around is what this lifestyle is all about. I'm curious about what's over the next hill or around the next curve... new places... new people... the magic of fulltiming is still alive and fresh. Like the old saying -- there's soooo much to see and so little time.

But on the other hand, after a couple weeks I feel roots growing -- not by choice -- and wrapping themselves around any nearby solid object. It's probably the result of becoming comfortable and maybe a little lazy too. Daily life can be so easy when we're parked for extended periods of time. Cutting these tentacles can be tough.

We delayed the decision to "go" until we had a chance to look at this mornings weather forecast. The remains of tropical storm Gustav is complicating things and is supposed to produce widespread rain in Michigan today and tonight. It's not that rain is that tough to drive in, it's just that it makes the bus-house and car a mess. We could delay another day, but the forecast for the weekend doesn't look that much better. So after this mornings "safety meeting", the decision was made to go. In a rare display of unity it was unianimous.

We'd like to send a personal note of THANKS to Dennis and Laura for having us at the camp again this year. As long as you'll have us, I think we've found a home in the north woods during August and September.



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