Preparing To Move

Tuesday, September 2, 2008 -- near Three Lakes in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

It's hard for my fingers to punch out 'September' on the keyboard. Summer can't be over already, can it? If I look at the thermometer it says... what?... 81f degrees! That certainly makes it feel summer-like. And there's humidity to spare too. But I've grown up in the Midwest and have had to deal with extremes most of my life. Just watch -- by tomorrow it'll be in the 60's for sure.

We've gone from a crowd of about 10 people here at Camp Soldner on Sunday to just the two of us today. Even our neighbors Bill & Nan are out exploring today. It's a chore day today anyway. Since we're leaving toward the end of the week we're working through the punch list of little chores that have to be done before moving day -- things like defrost the freezer, check tire pressures and mechanical systems, clean windows -- especially the windshield, re-organize the basement storage bins, make phone calls -- all kinds of little things that tend to be put-off until just before moving day.

People sometimes wonder what we do with all our time. They think we're retired and just sight-seeing, on a permanent vacation, taking it easy... having the time of our lives... hours of relaxation every day. The reality is that we have chores to do just like we did when we lived in a regular house -- and maybe more. Despite the small size of our current home, there are a lot of things that have to be maintained or repaired because these things are all bouncing down the road and taking shocks from potholes and rough pavement. So we have an ongoing punch list of stuff that has to be addressed. And did you ever have to wash the exterior of a bus? We're getting pretty good at it but it still takes the better part of a full day. So living the fulltiming lifestyle ain't all relaxation and romance -- but we still would not give it up for any other at this point.



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