Grant River COE Campground

Monday, October 20, 2008 -- Grant River COE near Potosi

During most of our recent stay in Dodgeville, at Tom's Campground, we were parked next to a fifth-wheel trailer that was closed up and un-occupied. But in the evening of our last night the neighbors came "home" and early the next morning, before we had a chance to meet them, they left.

A little later that same morning we left and headed to the Grant River Corps of Engineers campground on the Mississippi River near Potosi, WI. Imagine my surprise when we found that our new neighbors where, in fact, these very same neighbors from Dodgeville. They were camping with another couple and were celebrating their 37th anniversary. During our 4 day stay at Grant River we got to know them as we shared evening campfires and enjoyed man-made desserts (various delicacies made with no female assistance). Ed, Judy, George, and Jan... we really enjoyed getting to know you. I hope we'll run into you again... "down the road".

I've written before about these Corps of Engineers campgrounds. They're always around bodies of water that are in some way created or managed by the Corps, often on re-claimed land resulting from a dam or river dredgings. In most cases, they've kept these campgrounds updated and fully capable of handling big-rigs like the bus-house. The individual sites are well separated, usually wooded, and nearly perfect from my perspective.

And the fact that Grant River is only about two miles from the Potosi Brewing Company, a new micro-brewery housed in the old Potosi Brewery, is just icing on the cake.

I think we'll be back.



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