Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Last Week in Rockport

written Saturday, February 28, 2009
Rockport, TX

If I don’t get this entry written and posted today I’ll have only three entries for the entire month of February. Even if I do I’ll have only four. I’ve had spells like this before… where I find it hard to write anything at all, much less something interesting. The combination of laziness and a lack of exploring new places is almost certainly the problem. Both are weak excuses aren’t they?

But we’ll be heading out on new explorations and new adventures starting Monday and that should get the creative juices flowing again. For the past month or so we were thinking we’d head north to the Texas Hill Country and spend a week or two seeing more of that part of Texas. We spent a day up there last year and really liked the feel of it… rolling hills, German heritage, Luckenbach, etc. Then, as we’d turn eastward, we could’ve stopped in Austin to see the Capitol and the LBJ Museum and Library before making a beeline for the state line. But all that’s changed.

First, since Dar wants to attend a nursing conference in Orlando the middle of April, spending a couple more weeks in Texas could’ve made it necessary to hasten travel through Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama — faster than we may want to move, especially if we find places to linger a while. Second, we now find out that there’s a huge annual rodeo event in Austin during the month of March that makes finding RV parking spaces difficult, not to mention expensive. So after a few days of talking and investigating other possibilities we made the decision to just head east from here. We know we’ll be in Texas next winter and we’ll try to see those areas as we’re inbound to Rockport.

The general plan now has us leaving Monday, driving north-eastward, and finding a place to overnight somewhere this side of Galveston. Tuesday we’d be in position for an early crossing of the Galveston Bay channel on board a ferry run by the State of Texas. It’s a short ride over to Port Bolivar where we think we can take Hwy 87 to Hwy 124 to Interstate 10 near Winnie, TX. Hurricane Ike tore that area up pretty good last year and I think it’ll be interesting to see what state its in and how the recovery is coming along.


I’ve mentioned in a few “What’s New” entries the past few days that some of the “Winter Texans” here at Sandollar have already left for their “up North” homes. Another bloc is leaving this weekend. The old gang is breaking up. In general, the order in which they leave is strongly correlated with the latitude of their destination. Those that spend summers in Northern Texas are mostly gone already. Those from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri are leaving next — many this weekend. The ones from Iowa will be here a bit longer. And the last groups are those from Minnesota and Wisconsin. Some of these guys stay here until mid-April.

We’ve made reservations to be back here next year but we’re not sure how long we’ll stay. The almost 3 month stay this year was hard on us. Our main objective at this point in our fulltiming life is to explore and see new places — to boldly go where we’ve never been before. We’re kinda’ torn on this issue because we like the people — those “Winter Texans” — and enjoy being around them so much. As with many things in life, we’ll have to find some moderation, a happy medium. We’ll be back here next year buy probably not quite as long as we were this year.

There. That’s my entry for today. That wasn’t so bad, was it?