Mar 1, 2009

Last Night in Rockport

Written Sunday, March 1, 2009
Rockport, TX

Today, Sunday, we spent most of the day saying goodbye to good friends and getting ready to leave ourselves tomorrow. The day went by amazingly quickly.

If it had been a normal day we would have enjoyed the bright sun, the mild breezes, the cool-ish temps, the low humidity. We would have found a comfortable chair and read a few chapters in a good book, or just watched the waves, birds, and boats on the bay. But today I had Dar working most of the day… helping me quick-wash the bus-house, stowing gear here and there, washing windows… and all that. We were both busy (with preparations that could have been done a few days ago… ahh, procrastination!!) most of the day. Even after a short and small happy-hour our preparations continued well into the evening. It’s amazing how “spread-out” and un-organized we can get after just a month or two.

Our plan… which is never very detailed or precise… is to drive north and east toward Galveston tomorrow. At Galveston there’s a ferry that will transport us across the Galveston Bay Channel to Port Bolivar. If we’re lucky enough to make a successful crossing tomorrow we’ll try to make it to the Beaumont area for the night. It’s all up in the air at this point so tune in tomorrow for details.

Be Well


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