Fun Thursday

Friday, July 17, 2009
Beaver Dam, WI

There was NO meal preparation at the bus-house yesterday. For lunch, we met Mom & Dad Hoch at Chili John's Cafe in downtown Beaver Dam. Chili Johns is an institution around here having been in continuous business at the same location since the 30's. We make it a point to visit whenever we're in town and soak in a little of that old-time tradition.

Then the "Thursday Night on the Deck" gang met again on the outdoor deck at Dos Gringos, the finest Mexican restaurant in Beaver Dam. Jan & Dave, Mom & Dad Hoch, and Dar & I convened to start the weekend (Yes, we officially start the weekend on Thursday night!!), chat about everyone's week, and find solutions to world problems. This is a fun group and we usually leave with sore muscles and watering eyes from laughing too much.

All the parts and pieces that will transform the new car into toad2 are dribbling in. No work is going to get done on that project until we return to Beaver Dam in early August after the EAA convention. At that point I'll have less than a week to get it all installed and working. There's nothing like a little pressure to keep the senses keen.

And speaking of "keen", I've found the world's best shoes. They're called "Keens". They make all sorts of different styles but the one's I have a like a cross between sandals and walking shoes. They have an enclosed toe and a full heel, but the rest is very much sandal-like. I don't think I've ever had shoes that felt more comfortable. I've been wearing these almost every day now for a couple months and they just get better with age.

Preparations continue for our departure on Monday.



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