Being Chased by Weather

morning edition:

I've been keeping my eye on the weather forecast for the next few days and it now appears we'll have a weather issue to deal with. There's a strong cold front that's expected to cross over the Great Basin -- Northern and Central Nevada and Western Utah -- on Monday night and Tuesday. The front will kick up strong winds, drop the overnight temps down into the teens, and snow will fall... even at the relatively low valley floor elevations. Hmmm.

We wanted to be in Great Basin N.P. during this time. But the high elevations, snow on the ground, and temps well below what our prime-directive calls for, we've got to come up with another plan. So we talked over the alternatives and the plan right now is this: We'll drive all the way to Ely, NV. today -- further than we were planning to go. That's 300 miles, some Interstate and some two lane roads. Depending on how the drive goes we'll find a camp somewhere around Great Basin N.P. and make our visit a much briefer one. At this point Monday still looks good, so we'll escape from the area toward the southeast and end up in the southwest corner of Utah before the weather hits on Tuesday.

If we have internet, I'll do another update later today.

There's adventure every single day!

About to leave Winnemucca, NV.


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