Website/Journal Change

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Vancouver, WA

Starting today, I'm making a change to my method of updating readers on "What's New?" with Thom & Dar.

Prior to today, I've been inserting a couple paragraphs of "what's new" stuff on the front page of our website. It's worked ok, but the downside is that those newsy updates are lost once I put up a new one the next day. And those daily updates drained time and energy away from the journal -- which is where I'd really like to focus.

So, starting with this entry to the journal, I'll provide that "What's New?" information here instead... along with more expanded tales of our adventures as well as my thoughts on things.

OK, so "What's New?"

We're sitting the kids today... the last time for this visit to the Northwest. And we had Ryan overnight last night, as he really wanted to spend one more night in the bus-house. He was our alarm clock this morning, waking me up about two minutes before the more traditional alarm went off. There's something really special about being awakened by your 4 yr. old Grandson. After some morning chores the three of us were off to the house so Andrea could shuttle off to work.

While Dar kept an eye on the kids, I repaired a flat tire on my bike, which has been in Andrea & Gage's garage during the recent rainy spell. A little detective work provided the answer to why it was loosing air... there was a small and nearly invisible thorn embedded in the tire. Apparently, as the tire rolled over road and trail the thorn worked it's way through the tire and into the tube, eventually creating a small hole. With the thorn problem eliminated, I hope the tube replacement job holds otherwise. It's easy to pinch these tubes during the process which can create more problems later.

We're also focused on leaving tomorrow, Friday. I'm planning a short and easy travel day. We're a little out of practice having been here for a month and a half.



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