Biking Through Zion

Sunday was a slow day for us. I need one of these every once in a while.

We did shake the dust of the bikes and took an easy ride up the canyon on a dedicated bike path that kept us separate from the weekend traffic on the Canyon Road. The bright sunny skies and temps in the high 70's made the ride even more enjoyable. The views from the bike are more dramatic and, it seems, closer than what you experience from inside a car. From a car, you're looking at scenery; from the bike, you're in the scenery. I keep trying to capture what we're seeing with photos, but I'm growing weary of my meager and disappointing efforts.

After a great Mexican dinner that Dar through together, we sat outside in the early darkness, and watched the full moon rise over the canyon rim. While waiting, we saw a shooting star and a couple satellites pass by -- a bonus sky show that, in my book, can easily replace TV any day.

Today, Monday, we're planning an early start and driving up to Bryce Canyon National Park. We thought that since we're close -- about 90 miles away -- we'd make the effort to at least do an overview exploration of this, another of Utahs magnificent National Parks. We've decided to stay here at Zion until Thursday, so we have the time.

In Zion and, today, Bryce Canyon NP's...


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