Nov 21, 2009

By the River in Bandera

Our night of boondocking at the Visitors Center in Ozona was a good one... no problems at all. The fact that we were parked across the street from the police station probably helped alleviate any concerns... concerns that can grow larger and more threatening the darker and later it gets when you're by yourself in the middle of a parking lot. But we're becoming desensitized to these mostly imagined threats. The reality is they're blown way out of proportion by active imaginations. For the most part, few people even notice we're there and most all of them just don't care.

Boondocking get's us up early and on the road early since there's not much that needs to be done before rolling. Just a few mile down the road we stopped at a truck stop to fill the diesel tank, and while we were at it filled our stomachs with a good hot breakfast. Haven't done that for a while.

The trek today was about 160 miles. I-10 east from Ozona to Kerrville where we picked up SR-173 south about 20 miles to Bandera. It was an agreeable drive and we made it before 1pm.

Bandera is billed as the Texas Cowboy Capital. With a population of about 1,000 people, it seemed larger and more touristy as we drove through. We're at the Pioneer River Resort which is right at the edge of downtown... an easy walk to any of the honky-tonks and cowboy hangouts we'll be visiting. What the RV Park lacks in ambiance it makes up for in convenience. Once we explore the area a little more we'll have a better idea of what's what and will report interesting stuff later.

We're planning to be here for a week -- through the Thanksgiving holiday. The RV Park is planning a Thanksgiving Dinner for any guests or campers who are around. Our plans for the day are still open while we check things out.

Oh... we ran into some old friends from Wisconsin that we know from the past two holiday seasons in Rockport. As we're driving in to our site in the RV Park I glance over and see a couple familiar faces sitting by their motorhome... checked out their toad's license plate... sure enough!.. it's Gary and Monica. "Hi Guys!" This could be an interesting week. And all without any planning whatsoever.

Thinking plans are way over-rated...

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