Nov 20, 2009

Overnighting in Ozona

We're boondocking in the parking lot of the Ozona Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center in Ozona, TX. We got a later start this morning than we'd have liked -- about 10am. Once we crossed the state line into Texas another hour instantly evaporated as we entered the Central Time Zone. At noon we only had 45 miles on the trip log.

But the rest of the drive went smoothly despite scenery that, for much of the way, was boring with a capital B. With a tailwind and our primarily downhill route the fuel mileage was looking good too. Dar took over the helm at Fort Stockton and a couple hours later we decided to throw out the anchor here in Ozona.

After checking in the Visitors Center that it was OK to overnight here, we walked up the street to a local eatery and ate dinner. We'll be in bed early tonight and that means we'll be up early tomorrow. The drive to Bandera is another 170 miles or so which should put us there around noon.

Looking for ozone in Ozona...

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