Is that Roast Turkey in the Air?

We're going to take part in the Thanksgiving feast offered by the RV Park here in Bandera tomorrow. Everyone who signs up to attend also signs up for a dish to pass. Dar's taking a 3 bean salad that's actually going to be a 4 bean salad, she tells me. I think I'll take a bag of Snickers bars. Enjoying holiday dinner with family would be better, but being with new friends and like-minded travelers in a setting like this is an acceptable second choice.

Things have been slow these past few days, which allowed me to knock a few more things off my to-do list. One of the chores I've been working on is Dar's health insurance for next year. The policy she's currently under, a high deductible policy coupled with a Health Savings Account, went up by $1200/year -- a 30% increase from last year -- despite the fact that she paid all of her few medical expenses out-of-pocket from her HSA account. Anyone who feels we have the best medical care system in the world should have to find and pay for their own medical insurance, and have to deal with the exorbitant price increases every year. In my humble opinion, unless something is done soon, medical care expenses will eventually swamp this nation and transfer all of what little wealth people have been able to accumulate to the insurance companies, drug companies, and so-called "care providers".

By increasing the deductible on her plan even higher we were able to minimize the increase in premiums, but that also means we're personally on the hook for a lot more if she needs "the system". (Ok Thom... take a deep breath.)

The weather has cooled off. Early this morning we were close to freezing. But the sun is out now and things are warming up nicely.

Bandera is a magnet for musicians. Last night we attended a local jam-session at the club house here in the Park. And tonight we're going to stop for a while at a bar or two up-town where live music is planned. Live music is usually pretty darned good and, as long as the cigarette smoke isn't excessive, it can make for a fun evening out.

With a hankering for pumpkin pie...


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