Thanksgiving Day

During the holidays, many fulltimers and "snowbirds" do their best to justify their absence from family holiday gatherings back home, or up north, or wherever. They say the cost, stormy weather, and the hassle of traveling during these busy travel days makes it tough and, often, impossible for them to be with family during the holidays. Dar and I have said the same thing.

There's no doubt about it, missing these family get-togethers is one of the big negatives of this lifestyle. We try to compensate by being with friends and like-minded people wherever we happen to be. We make heavy use of the phone on these days in an attempt to "be there" if not in person, then in voice, as inadequate as that is. But nothing can relieve that gnawing knot of nostalgia that comes from not being with loved ones on these traditional family days of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today, we'll be having Thanksgiving Dinner with about 40 others from the RV Park here in Bandera. I'm sure we'll enjoy it and the food will be excellent. But our hearts and thoughts will be back with Family in Wisconsin and Washington.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you all...


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