I was not among the throngs of people, whipped into a lather by advertising and promises of big sales, that were headed to the malls and retail stores of America this morning at 5am. We even saw that some stores were opening at Midnight. Sheesh! If fighting crowds and standing in lines is what trips your trigger, I hope you enjoy yourself today. But this consumer is staying home and finding more productive and less stressful things to do.

Our Thanksgiving dinner here at the RV Park was wonderful. About 35 people showed up and there was enough food for twice that number. Isn't that the way it always is with Holiday feasts -- way more food than necessary? So tonight at 5pm, we're all re-congregating at the club house for round 2, Thanksgiving the sequel, Holiday redux, leftovers. Yummm!

Dar is now officially up to date with our online photo albums. After a typical day of exploring she downloads all the photos from the day into her computer. Then she culls the obvious bad ones, selects a subset that will be put in an online album, makes simple enhancements, adds captions, and uploads to our online photo gallery. It takes time to do all that, especially after a day at Zion or Bryce Canyon where there were hundreds and hundreds of images to go through. We were so busy exploring on our way from Washington to Texas, and taking so many photos, that it wasn't possible to stay apace with our travels. But she's all caught up now. If you haven't already done so, and have the time, check out our latest albums.

Day-dreaming about leftovers in Bandera...


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