Tunnel Travel into Arizona

morning edition
Yesterday,  Wednesday, we stayed close to the bus-house. Dar worked on pictures -- the 500 photos we snapped at Bryce Canyon created a lot of work for her. I worked on getting my chores done in preparation for moving tomorrow. Before settling in for the night we visited with a couple we met at Bryce -- Lawrie and Monica from British Columbia. They're camped here at Zion now and came over to our camp where we watched the stars while talking about earlier working days and travel experiences encountered along the road. This is one of the things we really like about our lifestyle... meeting usually interesting and talented people along the way.

This morning we hope to pull the jacks about 8am and head toward the Grand Canyon. The first leg of the trip should be interesting as we've got to go through the Zion - Mt. Carmel Tunnel and some narrow roads, tight curves, and fear-inducing switchbacks on our way out of the park. Since we're too big to go through the tunnel under normal two-way traffic conditions, they'll have to stop traffic coming through from the opposite direction before permitting us into the tunnel as our own one-way, down the middle of the road, traffic column... us and whoever happens to be behind us. Dar will have to drive the car separately too, as we'd be too long if connected. It'll be an experience for sure.

If I have a good internet connection wherever we perch this afternoon, I'll post an evening edition with the news of the day.

Travelilng today...
Thom Hoch


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