Chillin' on the Texas Coast

Today, Friday, was just one of those days it's best to stay inside and enjoy this diverse life we're living. It was cold, windy, rainy, and even snowy at times, all day long. Most of the time during our travels we have great weather to enjoy... sun, warmth, maybe a gentle breeze. But there are other times, like today, when it's best to just let nature take control (which, in reality, it has anyway... there's not much you can do about it, is there?) and appreciate the fact that we're warm, dry, and have plenty of food to sustain us.

Well, we didn't actually have "plenty" of food... there were great shortages in the bus-house larder after almost two months of exploring National Parks in the West... which is why we used the day today to resupply. Not having to scrape ice off the windshield of the car was a small bonus I did appreciate... something family and friends back in the Midwest will probably agree with.

Tonight, we'll experience the coldest temps of this weather cycle -- about 30f degrees. For the next few days warmth will slowly return with even the hope of some 70's on Tuesday.

Dar is busy working on Christmas decorations. She bought a small artificial tree at a second-hand store in town and it's become the centerpiece of our holiday atmosphere. She also bought what she thinks is the exact same garland and lights she dropped off there last year after using it to decorate the hotel room for our son Justin and his bride Kaytlyn when they came down to visit us last December. The $3 charge was a cheap price to pay for a year's storage.

Both the day and the rain ended about the same time tonight. The sun will be out tomorrow and things will start to warm up.

Piling more blankets on the bed tonight...


Slightly Better than Most