An Uncomplicated Weekend

I took a break from journaling yesterday, and unless I can get this one posted before midnight it might be a two day pause.

After Friday's crummy day, the sun came out and warmed things up nicely on Saturday. We both got out, mingled with neighbors, and caught up with all the news. I did a two mile workout up the beach road -- another start in a continuing series of efforts to keep myself in shape. And then we had dinner at a nearby saloon where, later, a few other neighbors joined us to watch a very good band and to dance a little. The day flew by quickly.

Today, Sunday, was cloudy again with a few bouts of light showers so we watched football and worked inside most of the day -- again. The extended forecast for this area is wetter than normal and cooler than normal... all winter long. Humph! Roses can't bloom every day, right?

Doing a sun-dance in Rockport...


Slightly Better than Most