Misty Monday

I'm getting tired of my own references to the weather... something I think I'm forced to write about again today. We woke to light rain this morning and it just grew steadier and wetter as the day progressed. Nothing heavy, mind you... some might even call it a drizzle. But it was enough to put a damper on any outdoor activities. The forecast is for this to continue again tomorrow too. I'll be ready for the sun when it decides to come out -- that's for sure.

We did get out and run a few errands this afternoon --  HEB Store (groceries), Post Office (drop off mail), printer (Christmas cards), RV dealer (looking for a part), tour around Rockport (killing time), and the used book store (books are good for rainy days). We made tacos for dinner tonight and the mess was all cleaned up before we settled in to watch the Packers play the Ravens on TV.

(Personal note to P.L. -- your Ravens look a little weak tonight. Are they sick?.. can't handle the cold weather? Hmmm?)

Only 17 shopping days until Christmas...


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