Monday, January 25, 2010

Quiet Weekend

Our weekend was calm and uneventful at the old RV Park here in Rockport. Dar felt good enough to work on Saturday and, with a busy ward, a lot of patients, her 12 hour shift turned into 16 hours. She came home feeling much better physically -- the flu bug is gone -- and energized by her busy day of helping other people feel better too.

I finally got around to preparing my expense tracker spreadsheet for the new year -- not difficult but time consuming -- and then I had 22 days of expenses to enter. I also do a budget every year and was pleased to see that some of our cost-saving moves (high mpg car; cell phone savings; dropping satellite TV) are having a real effect.

We had a cold front move through the area on Saturday night. The wind blew hard out of the Northwest and the temp went down -- we woke to a breezy 48f. More importantly to me, the dew point and humidity dropped significantly. Sunday was nice -- high of 70f under full sun.

Sunday we went out to Chili's for lunch and then watched some of both big football games. Neighbor Don started a football pool that paid $25 on all quarter-end scores of both games. It added a little interest and fun to the games. And no, we didn't win a thing.

There are only 7 days left in my SAD month. [Link to article]  Readers of this journal might remember that SAD is my January thing designed to take off a few pounds that may have been added during the previous year and especially during the recent holiday pig-out season. Briefly, it's no sweets and no alcohol -- the two most calorie-packed things I indulge in -- for the entire month of January. My goals were to loose a few pounds and to let the body rest from having to deal with these things. Results at this point are promising. Pounds have been shed and I'm feeling great.

Ready for a little red wine in Rockport